SIDE: Representation Learning in Signed Directed Networks

FALCON: Lightweight and Accurate Convolution

Belief Propagation Network for Hard Inductive Semi-supervised Learning

Zoom-SVD: Fast and Memory Efficient Method for Extracting Key Patterns in an Arbitrary Time Range

Accurate Relational Reasoning in Edge-labeled Graphs by Multi-labeled Random Walk with Restart

Curved-Voxel Clustering for Accurate Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds with Real-Time Performance

Sampling Subgraphs with Guaranteed Treewidth for Accurate and Efficient Graphical Inference

D-Tucker: Fast and Memory-Efficient Tucker Decomposition for Dense Tensors

BePI: Fast and Memory-Efficient Method for Billion-Scale Random Walk with Restart

Data Context Adaptation for Accurate Recommendation with Additional Information